Pioneering the new business paradigm and purpose-driven enterprise



My mission is to empower entrepreneurs and enterprises
to evolve and lead humanity forward

The way we traditionally think about business and enterprise - and our role in it - seems to be built on a fragmented, disempowering and often dis-functional and unsustainable model.  Despite good intentions we tend to operate within a old limited business paradigm.

Meaningful business is about adding most value to the people we care about and to do it respectfully, sustainably and purposefully.

The opportunity now is shift to a new paradigm, to reinvent our businesses and evolve ourselves in the process. Away from fear to fulfilment, from ego to wholeness, from pure logic to inner wisdom, and from separation to connection. From external motivation to inspiration. From competing to survive to collaborating to prosper. From a mechanistic metaphor to a living ecosystem metaphor of business.

Business and entrepreneurship is a potent way of human evolution, contribution and effective form of collectively doing good.

I stand for...

I stand for businesses and entrepreneurial environment that recognise, fully engage and develop our human wholesomeness and potential, encourage truly synergistic collaboration and care to make a positive difference and - in its own way - propel humanity forward.

I focus on...

I inspire, empower, and mobilise a community of purposeful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial teams and organisations committed to do good business by being a force for good in the world - be it a small community, niche market or a global platform - and to learn, grow, enjoy and prosper in the process.

I work ...

My work and approach combines new paradigm consulting, interactive facilitation, and holistic evolutionary coaching to produce radical improvements in clarity of purpose, multiply the individual and collective talent and unlock the hidden value, performance and purpose at the individual, team and business level.

Use of natural talents and development of human potential of individuals and teams increases the value and contribution of companies.

My approach crystallises 20+ years of experience in business and personal transformation along with a set of distinctions and tools that balance spirit, heart and mind, visionary and practical, and rigorous and playful aspects of business.

I invite business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and managers who resonate with the purposeful approach to business. Whether you are open to change how you think about and do your business or are already implementing some aspects and would like to progress your business to next level. I work with, share with, connect to, empower and promote businesses that inspire me. Although my reach is global, I particularly care about contributing to transformation of entrepreneurship and the business environment in Slovakia and Czech Republic, where I am originally from.

Holistic approach to business considers long term innovative solutions and impact on individuals, society and environment where we live.

Join me, let’s make business prospering and meaningful together! Let’s propel humanity forward through the power of purposeful enterprise.


Together we can shift the paradigm, release our potential and solve the challenges of today’s world.